Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette  

LG Ceiling Cassette is an indoor unit which is installed for the significant purpose. The ceiling cassette is used for the commercial purpose. It can be installed in various places such as restaurants, hotels, offices and meeting rooms.

Feature   | Line Up

4 Vanes Independent Operation

Vane angle control satisfies both users who like direct wind and indirect wind. and also it prevents cold air draft.

Auto Elevation Grille

Easy filter cleaning with elevation grille

Wide Jet Vane

Improved wide and narrow vane will provide comfortable temperature distribution without air flow dead zone.

Swirl Swing

Swirl swing distributes air evenly throughout the room to ensure a more comfortable conditioned environment by adjusting the movement of the vane.

Convenient Installation

Easy installation with corner detachable decoration panel.

One Touch Panel

The simple push-up panel design easily connect the panel with the body, enabling the installer to use his two hands freely.

Design to Reduce the Ceiling Stains

The new outlet design can reduce ceiling contamination from air current flowing along the ceiling.