What is COP?

Co-efficient of Performance (COP) is similar to EER. This shows the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Will the star rating increase the initial cost of ACs?

In order to increase the energy efficiency, AC manufacturer needs to change the design parameters like increasing airflow, surface area of copper tubes and highly efficient compressor etc. These initiatives lead to increase in the initial cost of the star rated ACs. However, the life cycle cost (Running cost + initial cost) is substantially lesser than ACs that without star rating. Purchasing a 5 star AC can minimize your payback period.

What is the comparative cost saving amongst different stars rated ACs?

The cost saving between each star rating depends on the equipment running hours and electricity cost / KW. It is available on energy calculator. Energy calculator has the provisions for choosing a city & possible running hours.

How do I calculate the energy consumption of 1.5 TR air conditioner in a house?

AC Operation of 8 hours a day, 252 days a year 75% compressor run time considered. This works out to 1,512 hours of operation per year, as found by BEE through one of their surveys. Please refer the Energy calculator on this site.

Which Air conditioner is preferable - Window or Split AC?

Both types of ACs offer different features and advantages to the users.

Window AC
Comes in the form of a single box. It is easy to fit on a window or wall frame. This costs lesser than Split AC, but is slightly noisier than Split AC. Not much scope for aesthetics - internally & externally for the building.

Split AC
There are two units - one Indoor and the other Outdoor unit - in the Split AC. This is slightly costlier than Window AC, silent & quiet operation. Copper tubings, electrical cable & the drain pipe need to be connected to the Indoor unit and will need a suitable size hole in the wall. Installation requires more time & additional work, compared to window AC. Excellent aesthetics internally and externally. The Indoor units come in a wide choice of colors and designs for the users to choose from.

My bed room doesn't have the window provision; is it possible to use a window AC?

You can easily make a small opening in the wall and install the AC. Make sure that the supporting metal brackets, interior angles, etc. are structurally fastened to the building envelope and are strong enough for the size and weight of the AC unit.

Is a Voltage stabilizer required for an AC?

All Air conditioners perform over a specified voltage range, generally between 5 to 10% of the rated voltage. Check with the manufacturer's specification for the voltage range in which the AC can perform without failures. If your locality has a voltage fluctuation beyond the operating voltage limit, only then use stabilizer. Use a good quality stabilizer, as it also consumes energy.

Am I required to do new wiring for the AC?

Yes. It is strongly recommended for a trouble-free operation of AC. Ask the installer to run a separate wiring from your main switch to the AC socket. The neutral wire should be of same size as the phase wire. This is very important.

Which are the brands available with star rated Air conditioner?

All 38 brands of ACs sold in India market are registered with BEE for star rating. You can find the BEE labeled Air conditioners list on the BEE website.

Why should I pay higher price for higher star AC?

The labeled ACs are more efficient than non labeled ones. The payback period for the incrementally higher cost of labeled AC is 1 to 1.5 years. Thus the incremental price can be recovered in only 1 to 1.5 years in the form of reduced electricity bill. The normal life of AC is 8 to 10 year, so rest of its life the energy saved by the AC is actually bonus for the customer.


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